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Primary Care

What Is Primary Care?

Primary care is a specialty training that educates physicians to specialize in adult and pediatric medicine, preventative care, and OB care.

Primary care is an ongoing relationship built between a doctor and a patient. The family physician is trained to provide everyone in the family with the best medical care.

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What Does A Family Physician Offer?
A family physician is a unique physician who possesses the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to treat every family member, regardless of age.
What Can Family Physicians Treat?
Most people see their family doctor at least once a year for a routine checkup. However, beyond just treating typical acute health concerns like aches, pains, mild injuries, or even acute sinus infections, family physicians provide extensive care.
Family physician can provide the following:
  • Mild to moderate injury care
  • Counseling
  • Disease prevention
  • Disease screening
  • Diagnosis and treatment of several illnesses
  • Care coordination with other medical specialists
  • OB care for pregnant women
  • Chronic care management for patients living with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, etc.
What Are The Benefits Of Primary Care?
One of the most notable benefits is convenience. If you are struggling with an acute issue such as a respiratory infection or a sinus infection, you can usually be seen by a primary care provider almost immediately. This is beneficial for anyone who has a health issue and needs to be seen quickly, rather than waiting to be seen by a specialist. If you have more severe complications that require the assistance of a specialist, your family doctor will be able to refer you to the right physician. In many cases, the referral will allow you to be seen by the specialist much sooner than if you were to try to schedule the appointment on your own.
Other benefits of primary care include:
  • Exceptional preventative care
  • Early detection of health issues
  • Exceptional health maintenance
  • Establish a strong, lasting patient/doctor relationship
  • Easier, effective communication
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